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A Global Gathering of Minds: SSM In-Residence Directors’ Summit 2023 in Barcelona

2023 SSM In-Residence Program Director's Summit


The SSM Barcelona Team certainly had their work cut out for them in the middle of October. Immediately after concluding the IACBE Region Conference, the indefatigable team warmly welcomed the In-Residence Directors from SSM Centers across the globe. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. What if, instead of just two, all the brilliant minds of the SS Network gathered together? Imagine the difference that would make!


In attendance are SSM Global, led by Massimiliano Bracale (President), Serena Magnanti (Vice President), and Logan Pacey (Director of International Relations/Registrar). From each center, we had Lisa Marchese and Stefano Anzuinelli of SSM Brescia and Milan, Gabrielle Robinson for Rome, Dr. Ahmed Sobhi Hamidou representing SSM Cairo, Dr. Bobby Zheng and Glen Lim from Vanguard College in Singapore, Dr. Jovan Didier of Germany, Sandra Sergio Sotto of Madrid, and Dr. Elizabeth Soliday-Naui of Barcelona. For those who couldn’t physically make it to Barcelona, technology bridged the gap. Across time zones in Seoul, Dubai, the GCC, India, and Algeria, they beamed in via Zoom, ensuring no voice went unheard.


2023 SSM In-Residence Program Director's Summit


The summit had a clear mission: to keep everyone in the loop on the latest school developments, including the recently concluded DEAC accreditation. It was also a platform for discussing the relevant issues in running a center, which makes for three days of intense discussions, debates, and negotiations. But with a shared vision and purpose, finding common ground was effortless. In the end, the summit’s theme, “One SSM,” became more than just words; it set the tone for the collective journey that lies ahead in this academic year. This summit was more than a gathering; it celebrated unity while respecting disparity, where tradition met innovation and a shared dream of excellence took center stage.


By: Noemi Katuin

2023 SSM In-Residence Program Director's Summit

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