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BCAS: A Case Study for Escola Voramor’s Social Enterprise Class

SSM Barcelona - Escola Voramar visit


The Barcelona Center for Applied Sciences (BCAS) recently found itself in the spotlight as a select group of students from Escola Voramor chose it as the focal point for their Social Enterprise class project, delving into the realm of non-profit organizations in Barcelona. Bailon de Guzman, Jr., Vice President of ISASS-BCAS, alongside Noemi Katuin, the Administration Head of SSM Barcelona, and the Founder and Dean Dr. Elizabeth Soliday-Naui, graciously fielded questions from the students, offering insights for their research endeavors.


Reflecting on BCAS’s inception in 2017, the journey from a humble initiative to its current stature as a vital educational hub was revisited. From a pipe dream to provide continuing education opportunities to migrant Filipinos navigating a foreign language landscape, BCAS has evolved over six years, expanding its horizons to become ISASS, a for-profit institution, and the esteemed Swiss School of Management Barcelona.


Beyond the narrative of its evolution, Voramor students expressed keen interest in understanding the challenges BCAS has encountered and continues to confront, particularly in its role as a non-profit entity operating independently of city subsidies. Endeavoring to provide comprehensive insights, BCAS welcomed the opportunity to empower the students with data and information crucial for their project’s success.


Though time constraints necessitated the students’ return to school for further deliberations, their departure from the ISASS-BCAS campus was marked by a palpable eagerness to dissect the challenges and devise innovative solutions. BCAS extends its gratitude to the students for their engagement and expresses a sincere desire to maintain communication, eagerly anticipating the outcomes of their study.


To the students of Escola Voramor, BCAS is honored to contribute to your academic journey and eagerly awaits the opportunity to collaborate further. Stay connected, and please share the fruits of your study with us. Together, let us continue to foster knowledge and innovation in our community.

SSM Barcelona - Escola Voramar visit

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