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Exploring Collaborations: ISASS Welcomes Educators from China


Exploring Collaborations - SSM Barcelon


Exploring Collaborations: On the last day of February, ISASS had the privilege of hosting a delegation of esteemed educators from China, representing prominent institutions such as the Henan Federation of Social Sciences (HFSS), Henan Polytechnic University (HPU), and Henan University (HU). Led by Miao Shuqun, Vice-Chairman of HFSS, the delegation included notable figures such as Song Shufang, Office Director of the Institute (HFSS); Zhang Dong, Research Level II (HFSS); Zheng Xiaojiu, Dean of the School of Marxism (HPU); and Zhu Shixin, Vice-President of Zhongyuan Development Research Institute (HU).


While Dr. Elizabeth Soliday-Naui was abroad in Istanbul, Turkey, presenting her paper at the EURIE (Eurasia Higher Education) Summit, Ms. Noemi Katuin, SSM Administration Head, graciously represented her during this significant visit. Additionally, Dr. Izadora Skracic and Ms. Paula Navarro, our very own professors, were present to extend their support.


The visit aimed to explore potential research collaborations between ISASS and the Henan Federation of Social Sciences. Ms. Miao Shuqun captivated our attention with an illuminating introduction to Henan, inviting us cordially to witness her province’s wonders firsthand. Her heartfelt presentation resonated more deeply than any promotional material could convey. Dr. Izadora Skracic, in her capacity as an ISASS faculty member, highlighted the diverse research projects undertaken by our students, providing insight into the breadth of potential collaborations. Ms. Noemi Katuin further contextualized ISASS’s history, illustrating our institution’s standing and ongoing partnerships with other academic entities.


Exploring Collaborations - SSM Barcelon


Exploring Collaborations - SSM Barcelon


Following these presentations, a brief but engaging Q&A session clarified various topics of interest. The meeting culminated in a token exchange, symbolizing the mutual respect and appreciation between our institutions. Our Chinese guests graciously presented us with charming tote bags from the Henan National Museum, adorned with historical imagery of Henan, the cradle of Chinese Civilization. In return, we reciprocated with ISASS-branded tote bags, accompanied by a sampling of Vicens Torrons, a local delicacy.


This encounter proved invaluable as it not only deepened our understanding of Henan but also laid the groundwork for potential future collaborations. We hope that our time together provided insight into Barcelona and fostered a spirit of exploration and collaboration for future research endeavors.

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