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How Much It Costs For A Student To Study In Barcelona

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Barcelona might be your first time living independently and managing your own budget if you’re going to a university here. It’s important to know what you may encounter financially during your time in one of Europe’s greatest cities. How can you maximize your university experience while being financially responsible? Read on to find out how much it costs for a student to study in Barcelona.

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It’s true that most people in Barcelona drive through the city, but it’s not the best way to get around. Not only do car rentals cost around 60 Euros a day, but fuel prices are higher than ever. 

The public transport system is the best option for many. It is easy to access from anywhere in the city; there are metros, buses, and trams that make getting around easy, and it’s cheap as well. It costs just 40 Euros, so around 2.60 Euros a day, to use the T-usual – a travel card where you can use as much transport as you want for 30 consecutive days.

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Gym-goers may be aware of the expensive cost of their pastime in Barcelona, and many memberships don’t cover using a swimming pool. A typical monthly fee for a Personal Trainer is usually around 250 Euros, but this perk means it won’t burn a whole in your pocket!

If your idea of a good time is letting loose in a club, here’s what you should know: The prices you can expect to pay for drinks typically range from 4 Euros for a shot, 7 for a beer, and 12 or more Euros for a cocktail. Entry fees may average at around 10 to 20 Euros, but it can be reduced if tickets are bought in advance. It’s important to bear in mind the prices may differ depending on where you choose to go – so if saving money is high priority, avoid the tourist hotspots. 

We will now turn to food. After all, it is one of Barcelona’s best qualities. Prices for food in Barcelona vary massively, just like anywhere else. The cost of a sandwich and drink in some places can be around 7 Euros, the cost of tapas can be around 6 Euros, and the cost of a two-course meal can be around 20 Euros. However, if you want to live a lavish life, there are definitely places you can go to spend much more than this.


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When it comes to accommodation in Barcelona, there are plenty of options available for students. Areas such as Sant Andreu, Poblesec and Sants typically offer rental rooms at prices ranging from 300-400 Euros a month; although more expensive variants can be found in neighbourhoods like Sarrià, Sant Gervasi and Gràcia (up to 400 Euros more). Furthermore, the initial costs do not include the deposit fees (one or two months), rising energy bills (50-150 Euros extra for heating/air conditioning) and optional cleaning services (50 Euros per month). You will also have to invest in equipping the room with bed linen and towels, meaning the final cost of accommodation could reach 550-900 Euros.

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