UNESCO International Association of Universities

The Swiss School of Management is a UNESCO approved Institution, through the International Association of Universities.

The International Association of Universities is a membership-led non-governmental organization in higher education. It comprises over 650 higher education institutions and organizations in some 130 countries. IAU is an official partner of UNESCO.

Leadership is a core aspect of quality higher education, vital in enabling institutions to respond to complex challenges and rapid societal change. Values and responsibility must underpin higher education leadership. Leadership must be adaptable and constantly evolving to ensure always more equity. It is essential that higher education institutions fully contribute to the development of sustainable & democratic societies.

IAU aims to strengthen the capacities of leaders and enhance cooperation among them.

It also tends to reinforce the leadership of universities to maximize their impact on communities.

Other Memberships


The Swiss School of Management is a member of BUSINET. Businet was established in 1987 by a group of higher education business institutions keen to...
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