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Albert Pallarès Solé


Meet Albert Pallarès Solé, a versatile professional with extensive experience in international trade, business administration, and marketing. Throughout his career, Albert has demonstrated excellence in various roles and industries, making significant contributions to the companies he has been associated with. With a solid educational background and a passion for fashion, technology, and knowledge, Albert thrives in the dynamic world of international business.

Albert holds a Máster in Marketing Digital from La Salle, Barcelona, acquired in July 2017, which has further enriched his expertise in the field. As General Manager at EXINTRADE COMOUT SL, an international trade consulting firm, he has successfully guided several SMEs to expand their operations to foreign markets.

Additionally, Albert is a co-founding partner at La Miük, an online cosmetics business, where he plays a crucial role in the business area. His dedication to his work and ability to navigate the ever-evolving world of international business make him a valuable asset to any organization he is a part of.

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