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Belkis M. Reyes-Fernandez


Meet Belkis M. Reyes-Fernandez, a seasoned professional with extensive experience in executive roles across global businesses. With a focus on talent development and financial advisory, she has successfully driven growth and transformation in various domains, from academia to the cutting-edge FinTech industry.

Belkis holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance from Suffolk University – Sawyer Business School and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Massachusetts Boston. Her academic background complements her extensive experience and expertise in empowering individuals and organizations through learning and development.
As the Director of Learning and Development at DeudaFix, a leading Legal and FinTech business specializing in insolvency solutions, Belkis leads the charge in developing and implementing comprehensive learning programs for the call center. In addition to her role at DeudaFix, Belkis also serves as an Associate Professor at the European School of Economics, further contributing to the academic landscape and nurturing future professionals.

Belkis M. Reyes-Fernandez’s dedication to fostering growth and her passion for empowering individuals and organizations set her apart as a leader in her field. Her forward-thinking approach and commitment to excellence drive success across various industries.

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