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Dr. Pan Theo Grosse-Ruyken, Ph.D.


Dr. Pan Theo Grosse-Ruyken is a remarkable entrepreneur, educator, and visionary with a diverse background in various domains. His extensive expertise spans entrepreneurship, digital finance, AI, business development, marketing, customer experience, and revenue growth, making him a true global leader in the industry.

Dr. Grosse-Ruyken’s passion for education has led him to become an active and respected lecturer at several prestigious universities. For over 15 years, he has been shaping the minds of aspiring business leaders in BA, MA, and EMBA classes at renowned institutions like ETH Zürich, University Zurich, Kalaidos, FHNW, HSO, and Middlesex University London.

His educational journey includes a Ph.D. from WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management in Germany and a Post-Doc for Supply Chain Management from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. Dr. Grosse-Ruyken’s commitment to continuous learning and innovation is evident through his Master’s in Business Economics from the University Witten/Hedrick in Germany.

Currently serving as the CEO of PTGR AG in Zug, Switzerland, Dr. Grosse-Ruyken spearheads the company’s focus on digital finance solutions for private and institutional clients. Additionally, he is pivotal in providing executive education programs in Digital Finance, imparting valuable knowledge and insights to industry professionals.

Dr. Pan Theo Grosse-Ruyken’s journey exemplifies his relentless pursuit of excellence, empowerment, and innovation. His dedication to driving sustainable growth and fostering creativity continues to inspire and impact future generations of business leaders. As an accomplished professional with a visionary spirit, Dr. Grosse-Ruyken leaves a lasting legacy in entrepreneurship, digital finance, and education.

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