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Mehdi El Azhari


Meet Mehdi El Azhari, an accomplished entrepreneur, innovator, and business leader. With a diverse educational background and a passion for business, Mehdi has carved a remarkable path in entrepreneurship.

His journey began with an engineering degree in Networks and Telecommunications from EIGSI in La Rochelle, where he laid the foundation for his technical expertise. Continuing his pursuit of knowledge, Mehdi earned an MBA from Cass Business School in London, refining his strategic and leadership skills.

As the visionary Founder and CEO of Hyper Crunch, Mehdi has achieved extraordinary success. He took the company’s helm, leading it from inception to scaling and generating impressive six-figure revenues (EUR). His innovative approach and unwavering dedication have allowed him to deliver digital marketing workshops at prestigious institutions like King’s College and Cass Business School.

Mehdi El Azhari’s journey is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit, strategic acumen, and commitment to excellence. As an inspiring innovator and business leader, he continues to drive growth, motivate teams, and make a lasting impact on the business world.

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